Why Breadcrumbs Can Help Improve the Popularity of Your Blog

Why Breadcrumbs Can Help Improve the Popularity of Your Blog

As your blog continues to become more advanced, you will likely begin having more and more webpages to manage. Many blogs create different categories (fashion advice, fashion news, fashion opinions), archives (June 2011, October 2010, 2077), author pages (Betty Bob’s articles), or a combination of all three to help keep their content organized. Not only will this help you keep your blog organized, but it will help your blog readers navigate your homepage easier and quicker.

However, once a reader gets past the homepage all of these different categories and subsections of the blog can start to do the opposite of help navigate. People can easily get lost looking around a blog; so many blog owners install breadcrumbs.breadcrumbs Why Breadcrumbs Can Help Improve the Popularity of Your Blog

Breadcrumbs are little links at the top of a page that help let someone know where they are and where they have been while on the blog. Consider the screenshot below:

breadcrumbs demo 600×132 Why Breadcrumbs Can Help Improve the Popularity of Your Blog

The arrows illustrate the four breadcrumbs that I found while navigating this particular website. I first clicked a link about education, and then clicked a link about IT training, and so on and so forth. This makes it simple for a reader to hop back to a previous page if they find that they are getting lost. Breadcrumbs not only make it much easier for a reader to navigation, but they also have several other advantages:

Why Your Blog Needs Breadcrumbs
The stickiness of your site will improve.
Visitors will likely stay on your page longer because it is easy to navigate. They will visit more pages without worrying about losing their place. Many people come to a blog to read something specific, and then want to jump around (hopefully!). Breadcrumbs will make people more apt to do so.

Breadcrumbs are small and easy on the eyes.
Breadcrumbs take up little space on a webpage, so they won’t affect the look of a blog. Some even say breadcrumbs enhance the overall design.

Navigation will not only stay organized, but will be faster for readers.
Your readers will be able to navigate your page faster. Not only will they be organized, but they will be able to click one link as opposed to the “back” button several times. This will help move things along, further increasing the popularity of your blog.

Although navigation comes first, breadcrumbs can help your SEO.
Breadcrumbs can help your SEO ranking. Although this is minimal and certainly a long shot, it’s something to keep in mind.

Once you’ve decided that your readers can benefit from breadcrumbs, it’s time to put them into action. The process can seem complicated at first, but it’s generally something most blog owners can figure out. You can follow the Spice up Your Blog article for step by step instructions that will give you the codes needed to help people navigate your blog.

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Cassie Good is a writer and marketer for Calvin Klein Underwear retailer, Chonies. She also writes for various blogs and marketing communities giving startup companies financial advice.