Who hosted the treaty of vienna

Who hosted the treaty of vienna? what was the objective of treaty of vienna​

Who hosted the treaty of vienna — The Treaty of Vienna was hosted by Austrian Duke Metternich in 1815. Its main objective was to undo the changes that had taken place under Napoleon and also sought to bring back monarchy in France.

In 1815,the representatives of European powers- Britain, Russia, Prussia and Austria met at Vienna to draw up a settlement for Europe. This was hosted by Austrian Chancellor Duke Metternich.

It’s object was to undo the changes that had come about during the Napoleonic Wars.The bourbon dynasty was restored to power and France lost the territories it had annexed under Napoleon. A series of states were set up on the boundaries of France to prevent the expansion of France in future. Prussia was given important new territories on the western frontiers, while Austria was given control of northern Italy. But the German confederation of 39 states that had been set up by Napoleon was left untouched. In the east, Russia was given part of Poland while Prussia was given a portion of Saxony. The main intention was to restore monarchies.

Treaty of Vienna may refer to:

  • Treaty of Vienna (1606) (HRE/Hungary – freedom of religion)
  • Treaty of Vienna (1656) Austro-Polish alliance in the Second Northern War, ineffective
  • Treaty of Vienna (1657) Austro-Polish alliance in the Second Northern War, effective
  • Treaty of Vienna (1725) Austria/Spain
  • Treaty of Vienna (1731) Britain/Austria – alliance
  • Treaty of Vienna (1738) (or The Peace of Vienna) Multiple parties – resolved war of Polish succession
  • Treaty of Schönbrunn, also called the Treaty of Vienna (1809), France/Austria – following Austria’s defeat during the Napoleonic Wars
  • Treaty of Vienna (1815) can refer to several different treaties notably

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Who hosted the Congress of Vienna in 1815?

A Duke Metternich

B Rainer Ferdinand

C King Victor Emmanuel

D Cavour

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