Types of Kidney Problems : Kidney Stones, Kidney Pain, Kidney Stones Symptoms 

Types of Kidney Problems : Kidney Stones, Kidney Pain, Kidney Stones Symptoms

The kidney is a critical part of our body. It is involved in the proper functioning of our body. Kidneys are two organs which located in the either part of our spine. The most important function of the kidneys is to clean our blood, helps in maintaining the blood pressure and also helps in keeping the salt and minerals in our body.

So what happens if our kidney is damaged? When the kidneys are damaged, all the waste products get accumulated in our body only; there is no way they can go out. You will start feeling weak; your ankles will also start swelling and also you will start feeling like vomiting. And, at this point also, if you do not take care of your kidneys, they will be damaged completely, and it can also be fatal at times.
Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones
It is the most common form of problem that occurs when your kidney is damaged. The actual reason as to why kidney stone built is still not known. But, the primary condition associated with kidney stones is that there will not be any problem, though, but you will for sure face a lot of pain. The kidney stones can be of the small and big size, both. The little ones often do not cause much of a problem, they usually pass through the urine, whereas the big ones might get stuck in the kidney or also in the tube through which urine passed, and this causes a lot of problems.

A lot of treatments are there which will help you in getting rid of these kidney stones. One of the most common ones is drinking a lot of water. By drinking a lot of water, the kidney stone is dissolved, and soon it passes out through the urine.

The size of the kidney stones can be slight and also at the same time can be as large as a potato. The problem of kidney stones is very common in both men and women. Almost 3 men out of 20 and 1 woman out of 20 develop this problem of kidney stone. There are also chances that if once you have developed a kidney stone, then this issue might occur again in the future. Although there is no fixed age as to when this problem can occur, the most common age is20-40 years.
How does this happen?
The most important role of kidneys is to filter blood, and they remove the excess amount of water in the body so that urine produced. From each of the kidney, urine travels down and passes through the tube and soon reaches the bladder. Now, it has to go out of the body which happens with the help of urethra. The bladder has to be full so that the urine passed through the urethra. A lot of waste material dissolved in the urine. It is important that all those chemicals are thrown out of the body because it is these chemicals only that form small clumps or tiny crystals in the body and that glass known as a stone.
What are the symptoms of kidney stones?
Most of the time, it happens that a kidney stone is there in the kidney, and you have no idea about it. It is only when some symptoms occur, and it comes to the notice of a person that he/she is suffering from kidney symptoms.
These symptoms are
If a kidney stone stuck on the side of an organ, then there are chances that you will feel a lot of pain in the side part of the abdomen. But, it also happens that a lot of people like us tend to ignore the symptom and later the stone grows.

Symptoms of kidney stones
Pain in renal colic: –
This kind of pain is even more severe. This pain can be constant or it can be for some time and then it is gone. This pain is because the stone is in the tube through which urine drained. It tends to happen that the stone gets stuck in that part of the body. The ureter tries to move the stone towards the bladder because of the intense pressure, as a result of which it causes severe pain. The pain posed in the tummy. The pain may also spread and it may go towards the lower abdomen or groyne, for that matter. As a result of which, you might feel sick a lot, or you might also sweat.
Blood in the urine: –
It is also one of the main symptoms that people who have kidney stones face. They see blood in the urine. This blood is due to the rubbing of the stone against the inner part of the ureter.

Infection : –

Because of the presence of the rocks, a person might also suffer from a lot of infections. And you might suffer from high fever, pain while passing the urine, and also increase in the frequency of the urine.
What can be done to prevent kidney stones?
As it rightly said prevention is better than cure, so it is better if you apply that from the very beginning. There are chances that you again develop the kidney stone in the next 10 years. So, to prevent that, follow these things.

  1. Have plenty of water. The main reason to drink water is that you have to keep your urine dilute. Also, keep a watch on the colour of your urine. It has to be colourless, and not dark yellow colour. Try to drink two-three litres of water every day.
  2. On a regular basis, do tests which will help you in knowing the state of your body and you can take preventive measures accordingly.
  3. Do not take medicines on your own, instead, visit a doctor, get some tests were done and then take medicine. The occurrence of even one symptom is not a guarantee that you have kidney stones.

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