Tips To Use Twitter For Your Business – Using A Personal And/Or A Business Account

Tips To Use Twitter For Your Business – Using A Personal And/Or A Business Account

As long as there are people on the block, and paying their valuable attention, social networking sites cannot be deemed as just another place to ‘hang out’ in. As long as there are people attaching importance to the network and including it in their daily lives, it becomes an avenue for your business.

So, here are quick tips on How to Use Twitter for Your Business:

A72 600×278 Tips To Use Twitter For Your Business Using A Personal And/Or A Business Account

You can promote your business on twitter in two main ways:

a. Your Personal Account
b. Your Business Account

Many people chose to promote their business through a personal account.

Using Your Personal Profile To Promote Your Business

When using your personal twitter account to promote your business, the way of working has to be different.

Your post can have a human flavor. You can post about things you like and build relationships with people based on interests and conversations. And gradually promote your business.

Your personal profile becomes the zone to identify your business and you become the face of your brand. Hence, people associate your profile with your personal identity as well as your business. In such a case, you need to be careful about what you tweet, but at the same time you can keep a personal flavor alive. This is important to build real associations and works well for small businesses.

Using A Business Profile To Promote Your Business

Some businesses require a separate business profile to build your brand on twitter. While using a business profile to promote your business, you could use the following steps:

  1. Follow People Who Use Your Products/Services
    The first step is to connect with people who use your services.
  2. Interact With People You Follow
    Your interactions should be based on your products and services.
  3. Tweet Regularly
    While on a business profile, you don’t have the ‘flexibility’ to be random. You have to be regular and consistent.

Besides the first three steps, building business relationships on twitter is about catering to demands and listening to feedback. In simple words, business twitter accounts shouldn’t lose focus and should be easily accessible.

Business twitter profiles should have the latest information about your products and services, should be quick in responding to mentions and should provide valuable information. It’s important to keep in mind that the content you send out should be relevant because people who are following you are following you for a brand.

Largely speaking, twitter accounts that cater to specific genres ‘sell well’. It is a platform that can get you the conversions you are looking for. In other words, twitter being a micro blogging site, must be used with an agenda. People with tastes and interests – who have an ‘agenda’ to share thoughts, are more popular than people who simple use it to talk about lunch and breakfast (though, that too can be made profitable if done smartly.)

In simple words, this is a platform to send out the right message. As long as you are doing that, your message can reach millions in seconds. That’s the power.

Author Bio:

The author is a social media marketing expert who works as a website content writer and a part time consultant with a renowned website marketing firm.