Positive Thinking and Health

Healthy mind is essential for healthy life and in modern scientific perspective there can be no good health state without good (peace) thinking. Positive thinking affects health positively and negative thinking can have effect health negatively and adversely. Health as defined by WHO (World Health Organization) is a state of physical and mental well-being and not merely absence of disease. The definition of health by WHO explain, why positive thinking mind is essential for a good healthy life. Many experts are advocating adding the term “spiritual well being” in the WHO definition of health, as it is seen that if you are spiritually healthy, you are healthier physically, but many experts are there who do not agree to this addition.

Let me explain about positive thinking in my own ways. One day you find food prepared at your home is not palatable or not to your linking (you dislike that particular food prepared). If you have positive thinking mind you will “diet” that day and not be unhappy that you can loose few calories without planning it, but if you have a negative thinking you will get annoyed and make an issue of it and disturb peace of family and home. Now you should think if peace of family members is absent can you or your family members be healthy? Think the other way; the person who lost some calories, he/she will be happy to lose a few calories (skipping one meal does not a lean person leaner or thinner) and healthy as a result.

Positive thinking effects not only health of our life, but the life as a whole. All of us have seen successful people are more cheerful and cheerful people are more successful, so why not become cheerful ourselves? Even if we can not become very successful by becoming cheerful, at least we do not lose anything by becoming cheerful, but we become happier. Science has proved that for frowning we need to use more than 70 muscles, but for smiling we need only 14 muscles, so why waste more energy by using more than 70 muscles. We will be better off by using only 14 muscles and smile. It is said that smile is the shortest distance between two persons, so let reduce distance amongst ourselves and smile and lead a healthier life.