Lovetraction Lines Review – Does It Really Work?

So you’ve been dating this guy for a few weeks or months and even though things seemed to have been going great, all of a sudden, from no where he drops one of these lines on you:

“I need some space.” “I don’t want to give up my freedom.” “I don’t want to be tied down right now.”

Sounds familiar?  Maybe. So what’s he talking about, what kind of space does it need? You barley get the much needed time you you would expect and attention is dwindling, so what does he need a space for?  The truth is men’s mind work differently from women and if you approach a man like you would approach your  female friend, you will end up chasing him away. Men are more logical than emotional, they need freedom, yet they desire a woman who can take charge, who knows how to talk to them in a way no one does. So how can you be such woman? Lovetraction Lines.

You see, words have amazing effect on us human, it controls our emotions, our confidence, our self esteem and even our relationship. Created by relationship and dating expert Simone Myers, who has helped several woman attract and keep the relationship of their dreams. Love Traction Lines is a relationship program that shows you exactly what you have been doing wrong in attracting and communicating with your dream man and what you to be doing but more importantly, the right kind of phrases or “Lines” as it’s called that you can start using on your man or the man of your dreams that will arouse a wild sense of desire and emotional love for you starting from today.

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In this Lovetraction Lines Review, I will examine what Love Traction Lines contain, what are the various secret lines you can start using on your man to draw him closer and make him love you even more, what are the program pros and cons, and finally who should buy the program. To begin here is a short overview of the program.

LoveTraction Lines by Simone Myers Details.

  • Product Name : Love Traction Lines
  • Product Creator : Simone Myers
  • Official Website :
  • Product Warranty : “60 Days Money Back Guarantee”
  • Delivery Time period : Instant Delivery
  • Delivery Method : Online Download
  • Bonus Offer : Tiger By The Tail Report, 2. Crystal Ball Report, 3 Mind Switch-Over Report
  • Description : Secrets Love Lines that triggers deep emotion of love and attention in any man towards a particular woman.

What is Love Traction Lines?

Have you ever wondered what it is about certain women that leaves men breathless? Is it their looks? Their personality? Something else that’s completely un-measurable? Would you like to learn the “secret” to being the kind of woman that affects a man deep at the core, that magnetically draws him in? Lovetraction Lines provide you with these secrets and techniques that would make you completely irresistible to that man of your dreams.

Lovetraction Lines contain tips, techniques and lines (phrases) that you can use on any man during your conversation with him to arouse his interest and emotional urges towards you. He will instantly begin to see you in a new light, a positive one, one with deep feeling of love and passion like you have never seen before. Have you ever felt completely obsessed by a man? Where you can’t eat, sleep, or look at a telephone without thinking about him? Where you spend most of your time trying to figure out what went wrong or why he hasn’t called, or why he’s all of a sudden so distant? Lovetraction Lines provides you with the exact line and technique you can apply right this moment to turn the table around and have same man chase you and beg for your love. Click Here To Download Lovetraction Lines

Examples of LoveTraction Lines.

We Women have ALWAYS been taught to try to improve our relationships with men in useless ways that damage our self-esteem and DESTROY a man’s ATTRACTION to us. But it’s not suppose to be so. The Lovetraction Lines will teach you how to quickly, easily, and powerfully reverse all the damage in your relationship and compel him to want and desire to get closer to you.  Here are some of the Lines that Lovetraction Lines covers.

Precious Honeybunch Line

This Lines is simple yet very powerful. Do you find yourself in love with a man who seem miles outside your league or very uninterested in you? Then use this line on him and watch how he will begin to spend his days wondering how beautiful and hot and pondering if you feel same for him too. He will begin to make obvious advances towards you and do everything in his power to prove to you how sincere his feelings are towards you.

Emotion Devotion Line

Have you ever given yourself completely to a man, only to feel used, lost and hurt because he doesn’t see you as more than a “FLING”? Then try out the Emotion Devotion Line. The “Emotion Devotion” line will make him crave you like a drug addict craves heroine. This line makes him open up completely to you… You will find him saying things like “Other women can never replace the love & joy I feel when you hold me with those soft hands and look at me with those innocent eyes.” “I really need you in my life.” to you and sincerely work towards proving that to you.

Slap of Love Line

Is he keeping his options open and dating other women? Use the “Slap of Love” line on him and watch how he feels that you are his “One and only” He will begin to see the better part of you and get addicted to the better you that he will complete ignore all your shortcomings and full whole heartedly in love with you. He will begin to tell you things like “You are more precious than life itself.” “I want my whole world to begin & end with you. You’re the only one I need in my life.”

There are more lines in Lovetraction that you can begin to apply as it relates to your relationship. The rest includes Soulmate Mishmash Line, Intimacy Yoo-Hoo Line, Sensation Grand Slam Line, Rejection Squish-Squash Line, Fire In The Belly Line, The Blind Sweetheart Line, Attraction Meow line, Queen Of My Heart line, Secret Hanky-Panky line, Light of my life line and more.

Who Needs Love Traction Lines?

Generally, Lovetraction is for every woman seeking greater love, attention and respect from her man or the man of her desire. The tips, techniques and lines taught in the book provides you with the right foundation to develop a relationship that is both fulfilling and passionate. If you are tired of being on the waiting side while the man you so desire and love acts cold and indifference, the “Lines” taught in the book will wake your dead relationship and help you create the passion and love you want in a relationship. With 60 days money back guarantee, Simone promises to deliver all that the book promises and if in any situation you don’t get the result or you are not satisfied with what you are getting, you can kindly ask for refund.

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