Lose Your Belly Fat With Just One Exercise, Eight Moves

Lose Your Belly Fat With Just One Exercise, Eight Moves

Excuses will not reduce belly fat; exercise will reduce. Exercises are very essential in everyone’s life to ensure mental as well as physical fitness. But for the people having extra tummy out practice becomes vital. The tummy out is the worst thing which can happen to a girl as she cannot wear her favorite dress to the party and this thing eventually degrades the confidence level. When a person knows that he/she is looking right or, perfect confidence automatically builds up.

Belly Fat is not good for a healthy life. Millions of peoples are facing this types of problems not only in India but also all around the world. It is seen maximum in ladies. Belly Fat increase from Junk Food, Oil Food and others like Pizza, Mashala Dausa, Chhola, Burger, etc.
Fairy’s Magic For Belly Fat: Abs’ Exercises
The exercise for abs is known to be best for reducing the belly fat. The exercise is one and moves are many, different steps ensure movement of all the muscles and hence reduce the belly fat. Here are few steps which will take you from fat to fab sexier stomach.
Abs’ Exercises
Abs’ Exercises
Move your waist, or you can say twist your waist in a way that whole of your body along with your back experiences a twist. Hold your breath and tighten up the body. Stay in the position for few minutes. Release the breath and come to the reasonable position. Repeat the step for twisting your body on alternate sides.(left and right)
Side plank: inside plank your body is supported only on two points from the ground which is way far beneficial in reducing belly. You can check videos of side plank on Google.
Stretch your legs first of all and take your thighs in air slowly, sit on your butts Move your feet in your right direction and the slowly towards the left. This will affect the center muscles of your belly.
Lay down straight on your back and then take your right thigh up in the air, perpendicular to your stomach and stretch it. Now put it down slowly and repeat the action for the left leg. The position of arms will be straight lying down right there with your belly. Ensure that only your thighs should move no shoulder movement should be there.
The nest exercise is in continuation with above one only, now with the upliftment of thighs move your head a little upwards. Your back should be stick to the ground; the only neck should be in movement.
The next move is taken up your thighs in air. This time not perpendicular but at an angle of 45 degrees to your belly. Stretch your toes and start moving your legs in the clockwise direction. In other words, make significant zeroes in the air with your feet. Do not bend your knees and repeat the same move clockwise and anti-clockwise alternatively.
Now in the again move instead of moving clockwise and anticlockwise, start rotating your legs in the cycling motion. The same way you ride the cycle on the road, start riding the bicycle in air.
Take up your legs and try to touch your face with your knees which will create pressure on your belly.
Crunching Is No Longer The Best One
Crunching is not at all time consuming and also it is one of the good exercises to reduce belly, but the best are the abs exercises. There are many kinds of crunches like oblique crunch, side crunch, and stomach crunch. Crunching is the real option for reducing belly fat, but only crunching can never reduce your belly. You have to add up other exercises with it, and those are the abs exercises. Crunches along with cardio or abs exercises are fruitful.

Belly Fat In Women
Belly Fat In Women
Belly Fat In Women
Follow the simple tips along with the exercise mentioned above. Belly fat in women many times is due to irregular menses. So if you have irregular periods, get your thyroid tested and start medicines.
Drink plenty of water
Do not miss the meals
Do not exercise in menses. You can have a healthy walk but do not practice the exercises.
Abdominals exercises are a little risky. Muscle strains are common issues which come up when people perform any exercise out of rule. So it is better if you learn these exercises correctly and play safely.

We hope you like our post which showing you a best and great exercise for losing your Belly Fat. As we know now, days millions of persons are facing that problem. So it’s time to learn more about Belly Fat. Here I have posted eight moves for Losing Belly Fat. I think you have followed them. If you think that these are good exercise, then please share with your friends, family members, and relatives, so they do not face that types of problems. Please, you can also share other best exercise which you follow by comments box.

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