How To Guarantee That Your Digital Marketing Strategy Can Maximize Your Success Online?

How To Guarantee That Your Digital Marketing Strategy Can Maximize Your Success Online?

From the first day of blogging, I had nothing in mind that I will be playing as an internet marketer or affiliate marketer or even making any dime online. Blogging is only considered a great way to improve my English and connecting more friends or even sometimes having fun after a long day in class. But, everything was changed since I knew the power of internet and how it can benefit me. That was time I joined affiliate marketing.

If you think that, getting success online with affiliate marketing is just to write reviews about products or services you are affiliated with, you are wrong. It is not that simple you need to know more channels to reach your prospects in order to generate sales and leads. Writing reviews is good and it works but it is one among many others such as social media, email, mobile or even television channels. That is called digital marketing.

digital marketing strategy 600×450 How To Guarantee That Your Digital Marketing Strategy Can Maximize Your Success Online?

Simply, digital marketing is to utilize all digital sources based on electronic signal like internet, digital display advertising and other digital media such as TV, radio, and mobile phones in the promotion of brands, services and products to consumers. It may cover the more traditional marketing areas such as direct marketing by providing the same method of communicating with an audience but in a digital fashion.

No matter what roles you are playing now online, you are also involved in the digital marketing activities. To some extents, blogging is also considered a part of the digital marketing but it is not enough to guarantee success online.

AZBlogTips has been born for over a year and it can’t survive with just blogging activities. I have looked at all channels not just each marketing component separately such as emailing, social networking on Facebook, Google Plus, SEM, SEO…All of these channels are optimized at the same time and it worked perfectly. The traffic went up quickly from the first day and now remained stable even without new contents. More importantly that our revenue from this single blog increased from $0 to over $3,500/month now.

Looking around, you will see that many high profile bloggers or internet marketers in your niche who are very good in generating revenue and even making 6 figures/month because they are well aware of digital marketing with a good strategy in place and of course, they can maximize its power too.

What is my secret here and how I can get $3,500/month on AZBlogTips without Adsense?

The answer is very simple and I know what channels I should optimize to sustain my sale volume from month to month. I will not use Twitter or Facebook or Linkedin…separately instead of that I will all of them from new to old networks and only follow targeted clients in my niche. I have never disclosed my marketing strategy publicly but it is always in my mind and every activities on this blog or networking reflect this strategy too.

My advice for you all: Even you are good at writing or you have a lot of ideas for your blogging work, you still need to utilize all sources of the digital marketing to guarantee your success online.