Heart attack: A cause of sudden deaths, Symptoms, Rapid Action after Heart Attack, Difference between

Heart attack: A cause of sudden deaths, Symptoms, Rapid Action after Heart Attack, Difference between

As the records say, the number of heart attacks is significantly increasing day by day. The picture that comes to mind with the word ‘Heart Attack’ is the life of taking chest pain which comes suddenly out of nowhere and takes away the person’s life. Well, actually this is not the case in all heart attacks. Sometimes, the symptoms like mild chest pain start showing up days prior to the attack and sometimes there are no signs at all.

What Causes Heart attack?
Heart Attack
Heart Attack
When there is a blockage in the arteries and a barrier is created for oxygenated blood to reach the heart, for the fraction of minutes heart does not get blood for pumping and this condition is known as heart attack which generally comes with chest pain. This blockage in arteries does not take place in one or two days, it takes years for plaque to get deposited there and block the arteries. Plaque is a fatty fluid-like material which surrounds around the walls of arteries. This deposition of plaque and blockage in arteries is known as coronary heart disease which leads to heart attack.

Symptoms or early signs of heart attack
Burning sensation in the chest area Initially mild pain in the chest even days before the attack, so if you are feeling chest pain persistently for days, visit the doctor.
Problem in breathing
You will have the feeling that sometimes your heart beat goes very fast and for sometimes it is slow, in other words, heart beat starts fluctuating.
You might feel like vomiting all of sudden.
You might feel physically weak and you will get tired easily.
Pain in arms and discomfort in other parts of the body like neck and back.

Do not ignore the symptoms, if the pain and discomfort continue for 5-10 minutes call emergency medical help. Although these signs or symptoms vary from person to person, for few they might have severe pain in arm and for few the attacks takes place in the fraction of seconds and there is no sign of heart attack.

Rapid Action after Heart attack:
If you’re near and dear ones had a sudden attack then follow these useful steps for early treatment:
The first quick action one should take is to call for medical help or ambulance so that the patient is in safe hands.
If the patient is feeling chest pain and sweating then one should take aspirin which will help till the medical help arrives. The patient should not get up and look around for medicine as roaming around will put more pressure on the heart.
You can also go for specialized chest pain medication like nitroglycerin if it is easily available.

What is the difference between heart attack and heart failure?
After having the first heart attack, the after effects are that some part of your heart muscles get affected or damaged forever which disturbs the pumping action of heart further. In case that damaged area is large then there are chances that the person will encounter heart failure in future. Heart failure is further of two types acute and chronic; the heart failure which is followed by heart attack is called acute heart failure.

Is there any age more prone to the heart attack?
Heart Attack
Heart Attack

Not exactly, but yes if you are more than sixty-seventy then there are more chances of heart attack. Also, there are many cases recorded where young people or even kids encounter heart attacks or cardiac arrests. People suffering from obesity, having high blood sugar levels are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. These people need to be extra careful with their heart. Also, those who have high cholesterol food should take this as the warning as all these factors when combined makes room for heart diseases to attack.

Foods which should be avoided if you had heart attack:
You need to avoid all the dairy products as much as you can, edibles which increase cholesterol are not less than poison for the person who encountered attack or is suffering from heart disease. If you are overweight, first of all, you need to reduce your weight to improve your heart health. If you are a diabetes patient then control your blood sugar levels, they should mark normal. Given here are the list of food items which will help you recover and the list you should avoid.

Preferred food items:
Raw Vegetables, consume as much of dietary fiber and roughage as you can. Make a container for vegetables, fill the container with salad and fruits and make a routine of finishing the filled one thrice a day.
Eat fish twice a week.
Eat foods low in fats. If consuming fats then go for, peanut butter or olive oil.
Drink as much as water as you can. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
Food you should avoid eating:
Sugar should be avoided.
Dairy products like cheese should be avoided.
Deep fried snacks or appetizers must not be there in your list.
High cholesterol and high sodium are not on the list, salt should be avoided.
Burn calories for whatever you eat.
Is workout safe after a minor heart attack?
Exercise is the key to recovery. Do not leave exercising even for a day. It is best if you can consult a specialist who will let you know the kind of exercises you should practice. If you stay lame and lazy after the attack then it will take a lot of time to recover therefore stay active and exercise daily. Brisk walking will benefit you the most, so get up early morning and practice brisk walking for at least 25-30 minutes. Else you can consult your doctor to ask other exercises suitable for your body.

For recovery after the heart attack, a healthy lifestyle is really very mandatory. Along with diet, exercise maintaining a good emotional atmosphere is also very necessary. Any extreme or intense situation like the hardship, fear should be avoided.

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