Google Should Get Adsense for Hosted Domains Retired For A Long Time Ago, Not Just Now

Google Should Get Adsense for Hosted Domains Retired For A Long Time Ago, Not Just Now

Many of you know that AZBlogTips’ main sources of revenue are not from Google Adsense and this blog has not generated any bucks from Google Adsense by any ways. The reason is simple as all of you know Google Adsense ads and CTR is very slow. That is why I decided to take it out and never put it back. But, I am still earning good amount of revenue from Google Adsense for other sites of high profitable niches.

According to Google Adsense policies, all of us are not allowed to put their ads on non-content pages or duplicate or copied with low quality. There are many other restrictions that prevent us from showing adsense on such irrelevant sites. You can see its updated policies here for more details. But, their TOS and policies conflict to what they have advised us to do such as adsense for hosted domains?

Google Adsense 600×450 Google Should Get Adsense for Hosted Domains Retired For A Long Time Ago, Not Just Now

Why Google Should Have Retired Adsense for Hosted Domains Early?
Non-content websites means a page without any contents or blank ones. Hosted domains are just ones are parked somewhere while waiting for website construction or you have plans to resell it for good price. Google allows this kind of domains to monetize with adsense while they are not contents at all. Everything you see on that hosted pages are ads and every single click from these pages can benefits domain owners. This really harms Google Adwords advertisers and this also promote accidentally or invalid clicks too/

What do you think if your paid ads are shown on these hosted domains that never bring you any sales or leads?
As an advertiser, you will see the big loss if your purchased ads are mainly displaying on these hosted domains via Google Adsense networks. I can say that most of clicks generated from these hosted domains will hardly be converted into sales or leads.

Google Adsense is a contextual advertising network that only shows relevant ads to its readers. This will likely improve conversion rate to its advertisers. The high quality ads will get higher ranking on its network and definitely get more exposure to visitors. However, how it show in a blank pages without any content. Is that really contextual? No, that is what I want to share here.

With this retirement, I am sure that advertisers will be very happy as they will never lose their budget for nothing. However, webmasters and bloggers who own a lot of unused domains will also lose some money as they are not allowed to add these domains to Google Adsense network anymore.

Frankly, I am supportive of this retirement and Google should be consistent to its policies and TOS in order to convince publishers strictly follow their guidelines while they are themselves not in compliance with its own regulations. Read more here or the timeframe that Google Hosted Adsense for Domain is going away!