Blogging: A Plethora of Interactivity

Blogging: A Plethora of Interactivity

Blogging is one of the easiest and of course an effective way to get known among the masses. If we go back, we’ll find that the wave started with its ebb and flow around 1996 with the release of Quake, online multiplayer gaming. The advent of web publishing tools in the same decade further augmented the presence of blogging even among the non-technical users.

If we look today, we’ll find that blogging has given way to social networking. Blogging has provided those with a platform where they can vent their feelings interact with each other, and shed comments hence, making a plethora of interactivity. And this interactivity has further given rise to social networking sites. Proximity of people has increased in terms of creating virility amongst the niche.

Masses have become aware of their surroundings. To go a little bit further, we find corporate blogging has led to the collapse of wall amongst the customers and the organizations. Blogging helped the customers to get a real time response from the corporate and hence they feel some amount of involvement, which gives them a sense of security and satisfaction.

Benefits of Corporate Blogging Blogging: A Plethora of Interactivity

Blogging doesn’t limit itself to just a form of online diaries but they have evolved to other forms, like brand advertising, ecommerce, art blog, photo blog, video blog, podcasting to name a few.

Getting started with the blogging business is not a difficult task however; there are a couple of points which one must keep in mind before diving into it.

  1. Research is the first step of homework that you must do. Read the top blogs and don’t forget the go through the comments. I personally get good insights from the comments I read. This also helps me in knowing the niche more closely.
  2. Getting to know the niche is the next step. Once you know which niche you’d like to cater then it becomes easier for you to write the subject matter. In a way, getting to know the niche also helps in knowing the underlying motif of your blog.
  3. Gaining trust from your masses should be your next move. As I mentioned earlier, getting started with a blog is not a daunting task but getting a credible name amongst the segment is of course the most difficult and hard earned investment.
  4. Set goals and milestones. This would help you in self-valuation. You would know how far have you moved and what else of left to be conquered. Constructing a year’s plan embedding with checkpoints would really be a helpful way out.
  5. Networking is next in line. Keep yourself updated with what others/fellow bloggers are writing. Shedding comments in their blogs and keeping up the interactivity there as well would be an easiest way out.
  6. Content should be such that it propels the audience to read and re-visit it. This has to be original in nature. If your content is unique only then visitors will come over it. After all, why would a user come to your content that is simply re-phrased?
  7. Your approach must be consistent. A feature many bloggers just overlook. If you have a blog make sure that you regularly update it. Else, your audience (if any) would lose interest and won’t re-visit your blog. Maintaining a constant flow depicts your commitment towards your readers.

Blogging is an effective and one of the inexpensive means to make a way through segments across countries. With the current trend digitization, we find more and more people are coming onto web for finding information. Hence, it is the right time to jump in to the ocean of blogosphere and making a mark.

About the Author:

Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and social media. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. She recently bought an apple iMac. These days she is busy in writing an article 3d software for her blog.