Are Forums a Thing of The Past?

Are Forums a Thing of The Past?

What Are Forums?

Forums are a communication tool used by webmasters and users to relay and discuss information. A forum is a board to discuss any topic or subject and is dependent on categories with posts or threads. Users or members create topics with subjects or pieces of information.
Forums were a useful tool in the past, but as technology evolves, and more networking sites emerge, forums are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Why are forums less popular today? because users are frequenting sites such as twitter, pinterest and facebook to communicate and post their information. People want more community and personal involvement, along with flexibility. Forums are void of a lot of features that today’s online community’s offer.

Today’s Alternatives to Online Forums:

Now i am in no way stating that all forums are defunct. There are still some popular forums on the internet today. Most forums today have to be niche specific in order to function as a successful online community. But, there are many alternatives out there today.

  • Facebook – People flock to facebook for it’s community and personal social aspect.
  • Twitter – Twitter has become very successful because people can post virtually anything.
  • Pinterest – People love sharing their photos, and pinterest is the place to do it.

With all these community driven social networks emerging, it’s only a matter of time before forums really become a thing of the past. What’s your opinion on this?